Coaching Human Potential

I’m Olivia; a coach and writer. I help people to realise the value of dissatisfaction and self-doubt in their lives and to use these energies as motivating forces. 

When you have achieved all the goals that you set out to achieve and realise you are not fulfilled, this is a difficult place to find yourself. You worked hard, played by the rules but now your resources have apparently let you down. What next? 

I believe we all have a unique contribution which can be found at the source of our innate creativity and there is no more important time than now to bring this to the world. We need innovative, creative and collaborative solutions if our legacy is to provide a world where our next generations can thrive. 

I have a practical approach to working with spiritual concepts and I advocate meditation as the interface between our creativity and our potential. 

I came into this work after I found myself in a soul-less and superficial place in my mid 30’s. After a series of events, I qualified as a Transformational Life Coach and published my first book ‘Your Whole Life Economy – Recognise Your True Value and Improve Your Quality of Life‘. I am currently researching my 2nd book ‘The Purpose of Self-Doubt‘.

Everything you need is within you, 

right here and right now. 

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