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A unique approach to self-doubt

Self-doubt is not a pleasant experience, and it’s presence is usually not welcome.

That’s because it usually appears when you least want it to. 

  • Presenting to the leadership team when you’re desperate to prove you’ve earned that promotion. 
  • When you’ve finally realised the time has come to move on from your current position and seek pastures new. 
  • Or at that networking event where you really want to shine. 

Self-doubt arrives with a host of uncomfortable emotions and judgemental thoughts that can quickly lead to crippling overwhelm. 

It’s no wonder that the habitual response is to attempt to banish self-doubt out of our lives. 

But self-doubt being the powerful force that it is, it doesn’t go away for long and our attempts to fight it only result in an exhausting internal battle. 

Let me show you another way...

When I qualified as a coach, I made it my mission to give self-doubt a purpose. 

Self-doubt had been my lifelong companion. I had tried all those motivational tools to crush it, conquer it, overcome it. But self-doubt never stayed away for long. 

The time in my life when I experienced my worst case of self-doubt, I began to think about it differently. I started to question if self-doubt might have a purpose?

I pursued this question through my personal explorations, committing to bring self-doubt to the forefront of my life. I also commenced an independent research project through my coaching practice and delivered 130 hours of 1-2-1 coaching with 20 clients in pursuit of this question. 

The first thing I learned was how self-doubt directs you to what’s important in life.

Because self-doubt is a reflection of something you want. And that thing is usually quite important. Because, let’s face it, we just don’t doubt ourselves about things that are not important. 

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Connecting to your inner wisdom...

The next thing I learned is that when you don’t banish self-doubt, you find a rich and rewarding opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom. 

When you learn to discern the messages of your inner wisdom, you strengthen your inner resource and expand your capacity to deal with the challenges of life. 

When you welcome self-doubt rather than excluding it, you become more whole and then naturally bring more of your creative self to life.

Make self-doubt yourpowerful friend

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