The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so certain of themselves

And wise people are so full of doubts

Bertrand Russell


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18th June: There is no such thing as procrastination! with Michael Karsouny

25th June: The Challenge of Authenticity with Frank Starling

2nd July: Being Maverick with Krish Surroy

9th July: Your Money Story with Alisa Barcan

(Subject to change with confirmation of guests)

Previously on The Doubters

21st May: Self-Doubt and Creativity with Jason Gots

28th May: Meeting Yourself with Compassion with Amy Morrison

4th June: The Creative Act of Life! with Teresa Wilson

11th June: How to Respond from Fear (Solo Episode) 

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The Doubters is...

My private online community for intelligent, caring and courageous people. A space where we embrace self-doubt, the internal force of uncertainty, as a route to meaningful and sustainable growth. 

I go live each Thursday at 4pm UK / 11am ET by Zoom.

The community is a space where I am developing this concept and sharing the ideas I’ve learned through this work through: 

  • Your contributions – live or via the contributions platform 
  • Interviewing people who have contributed towards this project (and people who have inspired me)
  • Some live coaching with willing participants
  • Sharing the practices to support the emotional resilience that helps us to learn from self-doubt
  • And so much more! 
This is a closed community and only people who have signed up will receive access to this content. 

I want you to know...

  • Don’t worry if you are unable to attend the live sessions, you can still contribute by submitting your questions and comments in advance and I will be sharing video and audio recordings so that you can catch up at your leisure. 
  • There will inevitably be some weeks that I am unable to facilitate a live session, in this instance I will be issuing pre-recorded content instead.
  • I will email you twice each week, once an hour before going live and again after the session with the video and audio recordings. I am passionate about delivering value and I will not abuse your email address. 
  • You may unsubscribe from the community at any time through the unsubscribe link in my emails. 


Please look out for my welcome email where you will find the latest episode of The Doubters Live.
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