Episode 21: The Doubters with Caroline Gasc

Episode 21: The Doubters with Caroline Gasc

This week I was joined by Leadership Coach Caroline Gasc. Our topic for discussion was Breaking the Rules. 

Caroline shares her inspiring story about what it took to break the rules of social conditioning and how this has taken her to the extraordinary life that she is living today, in New Zealand with her belongings pared back to 25kg of luggage.

The conversation goes deeply into how these rules relate to our sense of belonging and security and why it’s important to question them. 

What I love about Caroline’s example is how she talks about stepping over edges into the unknown and finding the unexpected ground to walk upon. Caroline has learned to truly embrace uncertainty along with all the challenges and magic that it brings.

I hope you will find her story inspiring and that it will give you the courage to step out more beyond confining rules and into the unknown of your life, in whatever shape that may be!

“All those rules that you set for yourself, allow yourself to say, maybe they’re true, maybe they’re not. The only rule that I’ve decided to embrace and make mine is to let myself be surprised.” 

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