The coaching is delivered via Zoom video conferencing. I will send you a schedule invite for each session in advance. Some clients like to record sessions to listen back to in-between, Zoom allows us to do this if you want to.
This structure is informed by my experience of developing and working with this coaching model since early 2018. Five x 1-hour sessions is a good amount of time to build a trusting coaching relationship and reach a level of depth with your self-doubt challenges. Theoretically, there is a coaching model with stages to work through but realistically, human change doesn't fit neatly into these boxes. Over the five sessions, we will explore your experience through the lens of self-doubt. There will be moments of awareness, clarity, and realisation. There will also be moments of confusion and resistance, this is entirely normal. You may find that after three or four sessions, you have achieved a level of clarity which means you will take a break before coming back to reflect for the final session(s). Or you may find that after five sessions, the work still feels unfinished, in which case you may wish to consider continuing with a longer-term relationship, which we will agree on together. Whilst there are no promises about finding a resolution, we will always ensure you leave the coaching relationship in a positive and resourced place.
At the end of each session, we will schedule the following session and we will space them as and when you require. There is no fixed structure, it depends upon your level of progress. You may decide that you want to follow-up on a particular piece of work quickly, or you may feel that you want some extra time between sessions to reflect and/or experiment. I recommend that sessions are taken at least one per month in order to keep momentum and all sessions must be taken within 8 months of the initial payment. For an ongoing relationship, I usually see clients once a month (but again this is up to you). After the initial five sessions, you are free to schedule ad-hoc sessions as and when you wish.
I encourage contact in-between sessions via email or WhatsApp (message or voice). Whilst we aim to leave each session in a resolved place, sometimes this doesn't happen and you may go away feeling more confused than when you came in. When working at the depth of transformational human change, this is to be expected and entirely normal. This is one of the reasons I make myself available for contact in-between sessions. Additionally, I love to hear any further reflections you may have, your moments of insight or small wins that you just want to share. This all adds value to the coaching relationship. Sometimes I may have further reflections or resources that I would like to share with you in-between sessions, in which case I will always ask your permission before sharing.
For the first five sessions, the fee is £450.00. This is ordinarily paid for in advance but if you have extenuating circumstances we can discuss a payment plan. For ongoing, long-term coaching, my fee is between £75.00 - £90.00 per session and we will arrange a structure and programme that suits you. For ad-hoc sessions, my fee is £100.00 per session. VAT is not applicable.
I require 24hrs notice to cancel or re-schedule a session, otherwise, the session will be charged in full. In the event that I need to re-schedule a session, I will contact you as soon as possible and we will re-schedule for a mutually agreeable time. Please note that I will only ever re-schedule in desperate circumstances or if technology is failing me. Once the session has been taken, the fee is non-refundable. If the sessions you have paid for in advance are not taken within 8 months, the fee is non-refundable.
I always encourage honest communication and if you feel the coaching isn't working for you at any point, then I invite you to let me know. It could be that you want more or less of a particular aspect of the coaching or that you were expecting something that is not happening. It is really important for the development of the relationship that you feel able to express yourself and ask for what you want honestly and I encourage this. If we get to a certain point mid-sessions and you decide that this is not what you want any more, we can bring the relationship to a close and I will refund any outstanding sessions in full that you haven't taken.
In the words of Julia Vaughan-Smith (Author of Coaching and Trauma): "Trauma-informed coaching happens when the coach understands what trauma is, how it presents in the coaching room and how to respond. All this, within established coaching boundaries and contracts." Additionally, the coach has an understanding of their own trauma responses and how these have the potential to impact the coaching space and is working with a trauma-informed supervisor. I recognise trauma through Franz Ruppert's split psyche model and I meet trauma with the tools of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra.