The Power of Coaching

I passionately believe in the power of coaching to maximise human potential.

My own life is testament to the endless possibilities and the magic that is created through this work.

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Exposing Illusion & Empowering Choice

What My Clients Say

"I've been applying my new tools all week and the result has been quietness in my head and many realisations. It feels like a whole wall has come crashing down. It's now time for me to feel confident in my decision making and to repel the energies that make me question myself in a negative way. I'm OK to make decisions, I'm OK if they're piss poor ones. But more than anything today, I feel strong in not feeling small." 
Professional Female, Communications Industry
"I cannot put into words just how much my time with Olivia helped me. For while I had started my journey with self development, the clarity I gained from voicing my thoughts out loud and then having questions raised to assess where I was and what to do to grow and improve helped me to build on and speed up this process exponentially. Olivia used what I feel to be the right balance of highlighting, questioning, re-framing and direction for my needs. I have learned so much, and seen so much improvement that I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering how to get out of limiting beliefs and gain the conviction and clarity for addressing what needs to be done and getting on."
Change Management Professional
"I was surprised by how much progress I made over the sessions. Olivia gave me her full attention & felt very safe talking to her. I found myself opening up about some things that I had never spoken about before. She prompted me to think about what my wildest dream would be and I felt guided by the process so that I would have the courage to say my desires out loud, I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I gained some new realisations about what I want to do with my life as a result of this. I found it very powerful to have my words reflected back at me. This helped me to see my own thinking and where I get stuck. During the process, my limiting beliefs and self-criticism came to the surface and she helped me to challenge them. I am now much more aware of my patterns about how I hold myself back. She gave me a wide range of help from some deeper psychological discussions to helping plan my business cards, I liked this flexibility to work with what was needed at the time.   She gives good attention, is professional and creates a safe space, which made me feel like she is trustworthy. I like her flexible approach so that we could sometimes move away from the plan to focus on the issue at hand but still returning to the original plan afterwards. She challenged my thinking very diplomatically and packaged feedback in such a way that it didn't feel threatening".
Change Management Professional
"I started working with Olivia as my coach at a time when I was about to make some big changes in my personal life and my career. I was feeling overwhelmed and fearful about how to make it all happen.  Olivia helped me to find clarity and reduce the confusion I was feeling and to really narrow down my options for the way forward.   She helped me to understand and overcome my fears about my ability to go for what I really wanted in my life.   Olivia listens deeply. She provided a calm and safe space for me to explore my insecurities and difficult emotions which was so helpful in understanding and changing the self-limiting beliefs that were getting in the way. She enabled me to challenge my self-doubt and self-criticism and provided me with tools and strategies to support me to think positively about my abilities and my potential.   Coaching with Olivia gave me clarity, confidence and belief in myself. I am feeling energised and excited about my future and most importantly I believe that I can and I will, be a success." 
HR Manager
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