Self-Doubt Gets a Bad Press

There’s a ton of coaching programmes and motivational tools designed to help you crush it, conquer it, overcome it.

But after all this bashing, self-doubt is still here.

Perhaps it’s time to take a different persepctive…

What is Self-Doubt?

The dictionary defines self-doubt as ‘a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities’.

Experientially, I’ve heard it described as ‘the gap between your desire to achieve something and your ability to do it’.

So, what that tells me is that self-doubt arises in response to a desire to achieve something.

If there were no desire for growth, would there be self-doubt?

From this perspective, perhaps self-doubt is simply a signpost to your desires?

It could be an indication of your direction of travel.

If the presence of self-doubt is an indicator of the desire to grow and change; why can’t we embrace it? 

Self-Doubt Responses

It’s not the presence of self-doubt that is causing the problem, it’s our response to it.

We can choose to respond with:

Faces of Certainty

We deny self-doubt to find certainty. 

But when I look around the World to see the evidence of what certainty has brought, I find:

Self-Doubt Research

In 2020, I plan to publish my 2nd book on ‘The Purpose of Self-Doubt’. 

The book will encompass my own experience, experiments and beliefs on this topic as well as the results of:

Review of existing theory and literature;

Coaching case studies where my clients find the purpose of their self-doubt;

Interviews with Professionals who operate in environments of certainty;

Tools to develop resilience around self-doubt based upon Neuroscience and Self-Coaching techniques.

Let’s give self-doubt a purpose and embrace this quality in our lives!

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