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self-doubt in your life

You are already enough

There is nothing to fix or change.

You are creative, resourceful, and whole.

Everything you need is already within you.

You are not broken.

These are the underlying principles of my coaching practice that enable us to welcome self-doubt as a powerful force for meaningful and sustainable growth.

I am a life coach, not a therapist or a healer.

Life coaches ask questions and explore with curiosity. Sometimes there are answers, sometimes there are more questions… Working with self-doubt is never about finding a quick solution, it is more about learning to live in the power and possibility of the unanswered question.  

This work is not about fixing or changing anything. It is my firm belief and experience that each of us has inside of us an indestructible inner resource. A place to operate from that already knows what to do for the highest good in our lives.

However, this place gets obscured by the unspoken expectations of the world, limiting beliefs, social conditioning, and the like. 

The work of giving self-doubt a purpose brings awareness to all those limiting features, allowing us to acknowledge them, question them, and reframe them in a powerful way that enables choice and agency. 

I am passionate about connecting you with your inner resource, the place of self-trust and reassurance that gives you a foundation of courage and creativity to approach the challenges of life.

The one-to-one coaching journey begins with 

5 x 1-hour sessions

The link will take you to a brief questionnaire about where and how self-doubt is showing up in your life. 

During our free-of-charge, no obligation consultation session, we will focus upon welcoming self-doubt as a positive force and giving it permission to have a purpose in your life. 

The Coaching Journey

Theoretically, the coaching journey is based upon the model I created through more than three years independent research into the purpose of self-doubt, which consisted of over 180 hours one-to-one coaching with a diverse spectrum of 20 clients.

We also recognise that practically, life doesn’t always fit into neat boxes…

Human change is unpredictable and, in my experience, trying to force solutions doesn’t work for the long-term. 

The beauty of working with the lens of self-doubt is how we get to the heart of things very quickly. The challenge of working with self-doubt is that we don’t know what it’s going to uncover. 

This is deep and meaningful work.

Whilst the coaching model is helpful to structure the work, it is important for you to know that you are always in charge of the direction of the work. 

This means that we go where you want to go with it. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you want to with me. You are free to bring all of yourself to the relationship and we will not dig around in areas where you don’t want to go.

The guiding principle is that we welcome everything as it occurs, which means we also welcome resistance and allow it a place. 

This is NOT about achieving what you want…

Self-doubt will tell us a lot about what you want in life and what’s important to you. But this work is NOT about achieving that thing you want. It’s about what you can learn about yourself through living in the uncertainty of wanting that important something. 

To acknowledge what you REALLY want in life is to acknowledge that you don’t have it, and that you may never have it. The pain of this can be so great that we habitually sell ourselves short. Intead, we set short-term, superficial goals that we force ourselves to achieve.

And then when we achieve what it is we thought we wanted, we realise it’s not what we wanted after all.

You are already enough

When self-doubt mirrors what we want to achieve, it also magnifies those parts of ourselves that we consider not good enough to achieve those important things in life. We have passed judgement on these parts and excluded them.

The crux of this coaching is meeting these parts with compassion, recognising there is nothing to fix or change: welcoming and reincluding these parts in our lives.

Your inner resource

“You misunderstood me, I am not your weakness
I am the essence of you, I am your wholeness.”

(From my poem The Saviour)

Those parts we judged and excluded become a sustainable source of strength. We realise that everything we needed was already within us.

And then life becomes really interesting when we consider the question 


What does it mean to approach life from a resourced place that facilitates creativity and courage? 

We consider what can we do and, more importantly, what do we want now?

The Coaching Package

5 x 1-hour one-to-one coaching sessions


For more detailed information please refer to the FAQs

Are you ready to transform your relationship with self-doubt?

Book a free of charge, no obligation consultation session using the link above. 

Complete the questionnaire with some details about yourself and your experience of self-doubt. During the consultation we will focus upon welcoming self-doubt as a positive force for meaningful and sustainable growth. 

Olivia D'Silva
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17:11 10 Feb 21
Olivia and I started our coach training at the same time, she became my coach and we embarked on a learning... partnership. We explored coaching models, concepts, general practise, and style. Even though at the time we were in our early days, I felt like I was being coached by someone experienced and a natural. If I were to say three key elements to describe the style I’d say: emergent, reflective, adaptive. Her deep thinking was apparent in her reflections and in her ability to grasp what was happening in clear simplified language. I benefitted greatly from having Olivia as my coach. During our sessions I gained important and pivotal insights, discoveries that will continue to assist my life. Our connection has evolved into what is best described as an ‘open shape-shifting supportive space’ which has been a wonderful way to continue learning and growing. What I most value from working with Olivia is her honesty, her commitment, and the depth and clarity that more
Felicia Canepa
Felicia Canepa
15:40 05 Mar 20
I have found Olivia to be very approachable and patient. I enjoyed working with her on my self-doubt in decision... making. She has not only turned around my whole negative outlook on my personal self-doubt but also given me a framework that I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you!read more
Lynell Grainger
Lynell Grainger
20:49 04 Dec 19
Olivia is an incredible coach with such a warm presence. She has a great ability to create an environment where you... feel encouraged to open up your mind without fear of judgement. Helping me change self doubt into my friend was an amazing revelation and something that I would never have believed possible. I can not recommend Olivia more
Hannah Watson
Hannah Watson
23:23 10 Apr 19
Olivia is a wonderful life coach. Working with her has helped me create significant changes in my life that have helped... me immensely in all areas of my life. She is a lovely, caring person and has great empathy for her clients. The way that she is able to re-frame situations and scenarios to offer a different perspective is so enlightening. I would recommend Olivia D'Silva to anyone looking to make changes and better their more
Irene Stefani
Irene Stefani
09:54 09 Mar 19
Olivia is en extremely attentive, caring and professional life coach! I love working with her because she is very... hearth centered and has the courage to explore deep causes rather than settle for a quicker fix.Her YouTube channel is also a great gift for my journey, as I resonate to her mind opening wisdom.I totally recommend her!read more
Jay Mewes
Jay Mewes
11:15 06 Mar 19
Olivia's message and approach resonates with me because its REAL!And it WORKS....IF you really want to 'answer your... own calling' and follow through on the process!Her work is informed by personal experiences and comes from a place of genuine curiosity, care and wisdom. Olivia has massively helped me this year to gain clarity on what was needed in my life to fully commit to my own personal journey. Thank you Liv xread more
Massimo Roselli
Massimo Roselli
08:21 28 Jan 19
Olivia has the great ability of creating a safe and powerful space where you are gently empowered to find those keys... within yourself waiting for you to unlock any gates in your life. I feel honoured to have met such a wonderful soul who is helping me move forward in my more
Kat Sykes
Kat Sykes
09:17 07 Jan 19
This website sets out in clear steps how my coaching journey with Olivia has developed. Olivia's passion is to help... others achieve what she has achieved - her help with me understanding my calling and my barriers to living it have helped me progress spiritually, mentally, emotionally, romantically and professionally at a much faster pace and with much more enjoyment than if I had continued trying to figure it all out on my own.I cannot stress enough how much her coaching has affected the happiness and course of my more
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My Promise to You

As much as we would like it to, life and human change doesn’t fit neatly into boxes.

As much as I would like to, I cannot promise a transformed end point to the coaching journey. 

Each client is unique and brings a different pattern to the work. In theory, there are phases to work through with this model. However, an important principle of coaching is that the client is in charge of the direction and this is what you will experience as we work together. 

This work is deeply challenging and sometimes you may find leaving sessions more confused than when you came in. This is entirely normal and to be expected. 

I promise you that, despite the confusion, you will leave each session in a resourced place. 

I promise you that I will be available for contact in-between sessions if you need extra support. 

I promise you that we will not go digging around in areas where you are not ready to go (you are in charge of the direction of the coaching).

I promise you that I have sufficient support for anything you may bring up in the sessions – I continue to work with my own coach and coaching supervisor.

I promise you that you will have ample opportunity to express any concerns you may have about the coaching process and that this feedback is always welcome.

I promise you my full support and commitment to your growth. 

More About Me

You can find out more about me and why I’m doing this work through my About Me page: