A New Relationship with Self-Doubt

Thank you to those who joined me on Valentines day, it was such a pleasure to spend the evening with you

And for those who couldn’t come, thank you for registering your interest

On this page you will find

Video recording of the session to watch at your leisure

Audio recording of the meditation and poem to download and absorb 

Audio recordings of the poems with music

Anonymised version of the chat, in case it’s helpful

Links to resources to deepen your learning 

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An experiential learning session supported by meditation and poetry 

Introducing the biology of self-doubt through the function of the nervous system

Here are the other resources...

The audio meditation delivered as the last part of the session

Download, get comfortable, and prepare for a deep state of meditative enquiry

Audio versions with accompanying music of the two poems used in this session

Following is the anonymised version of the chat that you might find helpful.

19:03:38 Hello! Curious about your poetry and your work too!
19:03:43 Hello from Caracas
19:03:48 Curious about how self-doubt can be a positive resource, so I think “inner guide”…
19:03:51 the upside and down side of self-doubt
19:04:01 great job sam! hi olivia!!
19:04:06 Biology! Inner Guide!
19:04:07 hi
19:04:15 Curious about self-doubt as inner guide
19:04:17 Hi, curious about it all!
19:05:32 I’m facing self-doubt in a big way right now, but also clearer than ever what I have to do. Can’t wait to see what comes up tonight! Thanks for Sam and Oliva x
19:16:09 Couldn’t find home
19:16:18 Tightness in my belly as I heard ”who do you think you are?”
19:16:19 felt peaceful finding home
19:16:21 Home feels as though its in my chest. Self-doubt in my head.
19:16:22 Me neither
19:16:28 Self-doubt = Pit of the stomach Home is more diffuse
19:16:32 Warmth in the heart for home, kick in the solar plexus for self doubt
19:16:34 I cant seem to locate self-doubt, stomach or my head?
19:16:37 both!
19:16:46 gut and head
19:16:54 found it hard to be still to do it
19:16:55 Home a sense of softness, warmth, located all over my body. Self-doubt Solar plexus and jaw tightness, cold
19:16:59 home in chest/self-doubt in shoulders
19:16:59 Having centered in home, there was more space for then allowing self doubt too, it felt less uncomfortable
19:17:14 Home is in solar plexus, feels like putting on the brakes
19:17:16 Home is diffused for me too, relaxed; self-doubt is in my chest and furrowed brows
19:23:09 thank you
19:26:23 Polyvagal Theory by psychologist and neuroscientist Dr Stephen Porges
19:27:10 Autonomic nervous system operates below the level of consciousness Guides towards safety and away from threat through cues of contraction and expansion
19:29:34 Sympathetic = fight or flight response
19:29:42 Parasympathetic = rest and digest
19:30:06 Vagus nerve – information superhighway connecting the heart, gut, and brain
19:30:59 Dorsal vagal – most ancient in development, reptilian, state of extreme protection, immobilised
19:32:41 Ventral vagal – latest in development, state of connection, ready to engage, sense of belonging, best self
19:40:31 Olivia – you are AWESOME and Doing Great!
19:41:25 Stephen Porges
19:41:28 Deb Dana
19:41:29 the poem felt like it was me- very powerful. and I like the ending
19:41:58 so clear and compelling – your teaching style is very digestible -normally i have questions ; )
19:42:55 It’s fascinating to know how our nervous system works and what we can do to change our experience..
20:08:43 Beautiful poem Oliviasa
20:08:45 WOW! loved the poem -hate to leave – i have a v-day lunch – i had a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work

Deepen your learning

Here are some links to other resources 

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