How to welcome self-doubt

And be more of your true self in the world

Discover self-doubt as a positive and purposeful force in your life. You can begin this practice right away.


Evidence Based

This approach was developed through an independent study. I delivered 130 hours of coaching to 20 clients exploring the purpose of self-doubt.

Trauma Informed

Recognises trauma as an integral part of the human experience. Understands and accepts the impact of trauma in the coaching relationship.

Self Inclusion

Includes self-doubt, rather than seeking to overcome it. This naturally results in bringing more of your true self (and less of your adapted self) to the world.

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed by self-doubt, you welcomed self-doubt as your powerful guide?

I know what it feels like to be driven by self-doubt. A drive that forces you to prove yourself through grit, determination, and hard work. A drive that is never satisfied, no matter how much you achieve. A drive that exhausts you because the bar keeps getting raised every time, and deep inside you don’t believe you’ve got what it takes. 

Self-doubt has been my lifelong companion. I tried every motivational tool I could find to crush it, conquer it, overcome it. But self-doubt never stayed away for long, and my efforts only resulted in an exhausting internal battle.

That all changed when I set about to welcome the presence of self-doubt. I gained a solid connection with my inner wisdom and was able to identify what I really wanted in life.

Moreover, I was able to take charge of my inner drive, strengthen my inner resource, and bring more of my creative self to life.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure of which direction to take, my coaching approach has been developed to help you.

Because when you discover what you really want, you also find what the world really needs from you

Who are you without doubt?

How will you know when your
heart's true desire sings out?
If you won't dive naked
Into that hollow depth
Between there and here
Where nothing is

Self-DoubtYour Powerful Guide

Self-doubt is a powerful force. It can overwhelm you and keep you stuck.

But what if self-doubt could help you work towards what you want instead of getting in the way?

When you learn this appraoch to self-doubt, you will have the ability to welcome self-doubt as a powerful guide force in your life. 

My approach was developed through an independent research project with a sample of twenty clients. 

Over the last 5 years, I have delivered more than 500 hours of one-to-one coaching using this trauma-informed approach. 

When you welcome self-doubt as your guide, it will:

  • Direct you towards what you want in life 
  • Show you what’s really important
  • Bring clarifying awareness to what’s holding you back
  • Develop a more  compassionate relationship with yourself 
  • Naturally bring more of your unique creative self to life
  • Strengthen your inner resource meaning you no longer need to seek resources outside yourself to achieve what you want in life
  • Help you to understand and live by your own expectations for yourself

Three Phases

To Transform Your Relationship with Self-Doubt



Recognise self-doubt as a positive and purposeful influence in your life. 

Meet self-doubt with an attitude of compassionate curiosity.



Discover  how self-doubt directs you towards what you want. 

Mine the wisdom from self-doubt to strengthen your inner resource.


Be More of Yourself

Be anchored to your sense of self with clear and strong boundaries.

Naturally bring more of your unique, creative self to life.


Hi, I’m Olivia. 

I’m a life coach, writer, poet, and meditation guide. 

I’m passionate about this approach to self-doubt because I have lived this work. Self-doubt has been my lifelong companion, an exhausting internal battle until I decided to approach it differently. 

This work has been developed through my personal practice and my work with clients for the last 5 years. 

Self-doubt has taken me on a journey that is rich and meaningful. I am fully committed to the power of self-doubt and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. 


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What people say


    Business Owner, Melbourne

    Working with Olivia has helped me create significant changes that have helped me immensely in all areas of my life.


      Free Spirit/Traveller, Mexico

      Helping me change self doubt into my friend was an amazing revelation and something that I would never have believed possible.


        Customer Success Manager, London

        I can’t quite believe the impact she’s had on my life so far , and thinking of who I can become with Olivia’s help makes me burst with excitement.


          Computer Programmer, London

          Olivia gave me the belief to get me back on track and realise my already hidden talents.


            Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Durham

            Olivia helped me understand my calling and my barriers to living it. I have progressed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, romantically and professionally at a much faster pace and with much more enjoyment.

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