What happens when you give self-doubt a purpose?

You find a route to meaningful and sustainable growth

Self-doubt is a powerful force, it has the ability to overwhelm you and keep you stuck.

But what if you could transform self-doubt and get that powerful force on your side?

Are you tired of battling with self-doubt?

Have you found the mindset of ‘boundless positivity’ to be a relentless pursuit and an unachievable aim?

If so, I want to tell you there’s another way. You don’t have to battle any longer.

Your attempts to crush or conquer self-doubt could be exhausting because you’re attempting to deny an important part of yourself. Self-doubt won’t go away because it’s trying to serve an important purpose in your life.

Eckhart Tolle says; “whatever you fight, you strengthen”. In fighting your self-doubt, you are only serving to strengthen it.

He also says; “whatever you expose to the light becomes the light”.

But how can you expose self-doubt to the light without it overwhelming you and keeping you stuck?

I have been working deeply with this question in my coaching practice since early 2018. My clients and I have learned to shine the light of positivity on to self-doubt; not to extinguish it out of existence but, instead, to embrace it and make it welcome.

What can self-doubt do for you?

On the other side of self-doubt is something you want to achieve.

And the more overwhelming the self-doubt, the more important that thing is.

When self-doubt leads you to the parts of yourself that you believe are not good enough, you get an opportunity to challenge and update these truths about yourself. 

With greater self-acceptance, you can bring more of yourself to the world. 

Self-doubt is so unacceptable to us because it doesn’t feel good.

Once you open the door to self-doubt, you open the door to uncertainty. And our biological response to uncertainty is to quickly find security.

But when you learn to tolerate uncertainty, rather than denying it, you strengthen your inner resource.

From this place, you find an unfailing source of inspiration for creative and innovative direction.