Episode 12: The Doubters with Jason Gots

It was my great pleasure to invite Jason Gots this week for a conversation about (but not limited to) Self-Doubt and Creativity.

Jason was the host of my first and favorite podcast ‘Think Again’ for five years and has recently launched his new show, Clever Creature. Having listened to his work for 5 years, I relished the opportunity to turn the tables and get a deeper insight into his perspective.

He was especially generous in sharing his experience of self-doubt and what it means to him in the context of his work.

This week I entered the conversation minus my usual list of notes and prompts; my backup security in the case of running out of things to say.

Instead, in honour of the creative space and Jason’s love of improvisation, I had a blank piece of paper and trusted that the conversation would flow naturally, which it certainly did. I could have talked to Jason all day and I’m so happy to have had his company and input to this space.

“The death of creativity is this tendency to take myself too seriously… let me make something because I want to.”

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