Episode 16: The Doubters with Michael Karsouny

This week I was joined by artist Michael Karsouny to discuss our shared belief that There is No Such Thing as Procrastination!

This turned into an inspiring, energising, and moving conversation about trusting ourselves, living from the heart, and acting out of love. 

There was so much richness in this conversation that I needed to pick two quotes to share with you! But do tune in with the recording and soak up Michael’s passion and energy, which is truly infectious and magical.

We all deserve to have more of this and Michael makes me realise that it’s there for the taking! 

“Strength comes from the heart. You can’t not have a strong heart and be courageous.”

“What are we so afraid of? At the end of the day, we’re enough, right now. In everything we are, and whatever we’re doing, at any moment in time, is going to be enough. That’s what I want to believe, and I find it to be more and more true, the more I live in that belief.” 

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For those who will be listening only, here’s a picture of Michael’s ‘paint bird’!

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