Episode 17: The Doubters with Frank Starling

This week I was joined by Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Frank Starling to discuss The Challenge of Authenticity

I was so captivated and inspired by Frank’s story and I’m sure you will be too. We could have really done with another hour or so to explore the depths of this conversation! Nevertheless, the authenticity and passion behind Frank’s mission came through clearly, as I’m sure you will see when you watch the recording. 

Unfortunately, we had a bit of an issue with bandwidth, so the recording is a little choppy in places. I’ve added a couple of subtitles to areas of the video just to help but you shouldn’t miss anything if you are downloading the audio. 

“The biggest driver is the idea that every single person deserves the right to be the best version of themselves and how can we help organisations to create cultures and environments that allow for that to happen.”  

“I think this is an opportunity that should be open for every single person out there.” 

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