Episode 18: The Doubters with Krish Surroy

This week I was joined by Krish Surroy to discuss the topic Being Maverick

My big takeaway from this week’s conversation is simply, HOPE! 

Krish and I discussed the opportunity we have now to bring new and creative solutions and what it takes to make those. He has such a wealth of experience of life and together we mapped out the positive development in humanity that he’s witnessed since the previous economic crisis.

When you listen to Krish, you’ll realise that there’s A LOT to be hopeful about right now. 

I hope you will enjoy what Krish terms our ‘whole person’ conversation. I certainly enjoyed getting a glimpse the different aspects of Krish’s ‘Clarke Kent’ persona, from the successful Executive Coach through to the Shamen, Druid, and Clairvoyant! Krish is a fine example of the whole human being that comes from embracing your inner Maverick.

“You have to be willing to challenge your own assumptions and see that somewhere there’s going to be a different possibility, and be open to that possibility and know that it’s not always going to be comfortable.”

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