Episode 20: The Doubters with Yannick Jacob

This week I was joined by Positive Psychologist and Existential Coach Yannick Jacob. Our topic for discussion was Using and Abusing Positivity

I really appreciate the expertise and passion that Yannick brings to this conversation. Yannick explains the roots and intentions of positive psychology and how the amplification of positivity can become a troubling expectation. We also explored the value and benefit of doubting and questioning. 

My big takeaway this week is not only how we can grow personally from allowing space to doubt ourselves, but how we can grow in relationships when we are allowed to doubt and question each other.

“When people blindly trust positivity and they don’t question and they don’t doubt, they don’t allow space to consider difficulty and discomfort as something valuable. Then they get trapped in the ‘I must always be positive’ mindset, and it’s not sustainable.”

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