Episode 22: The Doubters with Duncan MacLachlan

It was my great pleasure this week to invite my friend Duncan MacLachlan to discuss Being a Positive Change Leader

Duncan has such an important story of how he has not only survived but thrived, after receiving a diagnosis of AIDS in 1990, which in those days was really considered to be a death sentence. Duncan and I discussed what it was like to be in a situation where he had to believe in himself when nobody else would believe in him, how this motivated the actions that he took to recover, and what this means for his life today. 

Duncan talks about the tremendous opportunity we now have to reimagine and reinvent our lives and society and he gives some very practical guidance on how to approach this, not least of which is learning to use the power of self-doubt! 

Duncan’s story is an amazing example of the strength of the human spirit when faced with uncertainty and doubt, which is a positive message to encourage all of us who are faced with challenges. 

“We know we’re making a positive change when we’re adding energy to our lives… We connect with people through the quality of our energy.”

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