Episode 28: The Doubters with Amanda Stanhope

This week it was my great pleasure to speak with Amanda Stanhope on the topic of THE EXPECTATION GAPS.

In this conversation, we share our similar experiences of the unsatisfactory lives we had created through our unconscious expectations. Amanda defines ‘The Expectation Gap’ as the space between where we are now and living our full potential. She takes us through her deliberate thinking cycle, which is a framework for an intentional living lifestyle that coincides with your values and what makes meaning in your life. 

I really appreciate how Amanda is so passionate about living her work, which really shines through from her. There is so much resonance between what she and I are doing, we are definitely going to discuss further collaboration. So, watch this space for more from us! 

“Every time we take an action, we have an expected result. These expectations are constantly creating the way we see the world…” 

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