Episode 30: The Doubters with Tom Waterhouse

This week, I invited Diversity and Equity Consultant Tom Waterhouse along for a conversation about his project IF I HAD BEEN BORN A GIRL 

It was wonderful to have this conversation with Tom on this day, which was the launch of his brand-new podcast of the same name. 

This work is encouraging men to explore the impact on their own lives of gender stereotyping and male privilege. Challenging them to ask themselves, “How did I really get where I am today?”

I really appreciated Tom’s openness about the self-doubt he has experienced through his transition from corporate life and the challenges of entering into the D&I landscape as an independent consultant. Driven by an authentic belief and passion for this work and challenging himself on he has to offer, he is now committed to using his experience and position to challenge male privilege right at the heart. 

I have huge respect for people like Tom who are putting themselves squarely in the zone of self-doubt by taking on such a big and important project like this. Please go and look Tom up and tune in with his podcast. I know you won’t be able to help reflect on how this question relates to your own experience! 

“Once you recognise your privilege, you have a duty to do something about it.”

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