Episode 31: The Doubters with Carole Douillot

This week, I had a lively and thought-provoking conversation with my fellow Animas coach Carole Douillot on the topic of BEING A MULTIPOTENTIALITE 

Are you someone who is driven by a love for learning and interest in new creative pursuits? And does this cause you to doubt yourself, or ask yourself what is wrong with you, because you can’t figure out that ONE THING that will be your purpose in life? 

If so, you could be a Mulitpotentialite and this episode is for you! 

Even though I don’t directly associate this experience, I still gained a lot from this conversation. The big takeaway for me is about accepting myself as I am, allowing myself to follow my heart, and re-writing the stories about the expectations we think Society wants from us.

I loved hearing the passionate drive behind of the varied pursuits of the people who joined us live for the conversation. It left me feeling that to be a Multipotentialite is about having a rich life full of diversity; such a wonderful way to be human! 

“That’s the beauty of life. You’re mapping your life with different things and then they all join up at one stage. This is how the world SHOULD be, that you’re allowed to change your trajectory!”

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