Episode 32: The Doubters with Andrew Gibbons

This week, it was my great pleasure to invite Organisational Consultant Andrew Gibbons to discuss the topic LEARNING TO LEARN

I really appreciate Andrew’s passion and dedication for learning and I know he absolutely lives by his word. He talks about learning as the ‘meta-skill’, when we can get better at learning, we can learn just about anything more quickly! 

But of course, challenges arise because learning is not an easy or comfortable process, it is a space often filled with resistance and self-doubt! In this episode we talk about some of those challenges and how to approach them. I’m sure you will enjoy Andrew’s unique style, as I do very much. And I’m sure you will find his C.R.A.P. learning model extremely helpful! 

“The more aware we become of the learning around us, the more likely we will draw value from it”

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