Episode 34: The Doubters with Sarah Santacroce

This week, it was my great pleasure to invite Sarah Santacroce to discuss her initiative THE GENTLE BUSINESS REVOLUTION  

Sarah introduces herself as a ‘hippie turned business coach’. The values of empathy, fairness, sharing, and equality were ingrained in her from a young age through her experience of growing up in a commune. The Gentle Business Revolution is her movement where she is changing the way we think about marketing and bringing her authentic values into the tough business world. 

Sarah and I talked about how our separate journeys into the challenge of developing a heart-based business started at the same place, through deep inner enquiry. When you commit to developing this kind of business offering, it will bring you directly into contact with self-doubt and limiting beliefs! We also talk about our experience of what helps us through the challenges and difficulties, including connecting with your marketing superpower! 

“If you don’t put yourself out there authentically, with kindness and empathy, you’re not going to attract the right kind of people”

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