Episode 35: The Doubters with Scott Poynton

My conversation this week with Scott Poynton is on the topic of FINDING CALM IN CHAOS 

Scott tells how he discovered his innate ability to bring a sense of calm to highly conflicted relationships during his time working as CEO for The Forest Trust.  He realised there was something about the way he was showing up that enabled calm to emerge and this is what we focussed upon in our conversation.

It is often difficult to recognise what we bring when we are operating from a place that comes naturally to us. It’s all too easy to undervalue our natural way of being when we don’t have to work at it. But when we do operate from our natural state, this is usually an extremely powerful offering. 

Scott brings a compelling example in this conversation. We talked about how his way of being means that he meets with the good in other people, especially when they are working through big challenges and conflicts and perhaps not showing their best selves! He is able to bring a non-judgemental space, unconstrained by the boundaries of time, that allows another person to work through their frustration (rather than feeding their frustration). From there the space of calm emerges, which is a connection to trust and inner-wisdom that facilitates real progress. 

I was truly inspired by Scott’s example and it is causing me to reflect upon how I can bring more of this ‘unconstrained’ space in my coaching so that people can work through their inner conflicts caused by self-doubt. 

“If we’re going to help people navigate their way out of sticky situations, for themselves but also for the planet, we need to help them find calm” 

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