Episode 36: The Doubters with Marc Iturriaga

My conversation this week with Marc Iturriaga is on the topic of NOT BELONGING IS THE NEW BELONGING!

Marc calls himself a Belonging Crusader and, in this episode, he tells the story of his lived experience growing up surrounded by such a diverse group where he never felt like he belonged but also never felt like he had to work to fit in. The experience of ‘not belonging’ became his familiarity, which has translated into his mission; to help facilitate systems and environments of belonging in sport and recreation. 

Marc’s genuine interest in people and commitment to his work really came through for me in this discussion. He talks passionately about using his own privilege to make a difference in the sector of sport and recreation through the ‘Belonging Framework’, which aims to create an environment where everyone feels invited, welcomed, and included. 

This was an enlightening conversation and I am taking away for consideration the powerful question that Marc poses about how we can be more focussed on creating a meaningful invitation to others. 

Marc was incredibly generous with his time by staying an extra half an hour after the session to discuss matters such as use of pronouns and creating ‘spaces of accountability’ over safe spaces. I’m so grateful for his input to The Doubters! 

“Because I didn’t belong, I sought out and looked for those who also didn’t belong”

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