Episode 39: The Doubters with Katherine Sykes

For my final live session of 2020, I handed the reins to Katherine Sykes who reminded us HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Katherine told us about how having fun has become such an integral part of her recovery from depression. And she is now making this her powerful purpose to bring to the world with her new consultancy.

We spoke about how having fun is a great skill that can help us to meet ourselves in the depths of doubt and the dark moments of life. It’s not about denying ourselves or wearing a mask, it’s about helping us to bring a lighter perspective and to remind us that we have choices about how to approach our challenges.

Katherine inspires us with her journey of how she is working to find ways to bring more and more fun into her life. Including asking a powerful question such as “What would Beyonce do in these circumstances?” 

Not only was it a delight for me to have Katherine join me but I also found an opportunity to wear my Granny’s vintage Chinese jacket, which I’ve never had the courage to wear and it’s too precious to take out of the house! 

“What would Beyonce do?”

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