Episode 8: The Doubters with Paul Collins

This week was the beginning of a three-part series on The Strength of Weakness.

I knew my conversation with Paul was going to get vulnerable because I’ve done so much deep work with him over the past five years. So, in order to ensure I wasn’t filtering, I gave myself permission not to publish the whole conversation if I didn’t want to. However, I have chosen to publish the whole recording despite the conversation getting deep and personal.

Paul is a (IYN) Registered Yoga Elder and iRest Yoga Nidra meditation certified teacher and a former Royal Marine Commando. He has worked in the field of addiction recovery for nearly 20 years and is now teaching yoga and iRest meditation in HMPPS sites.

“I’m trying to fight to fix something with force when it actually needs to be met with compassion and softness.”

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