Episode 10: The Doubters with Dara Blumenthal

This week, in the last of my three-part series on The Strength of Weakness, Dara Blumenthal joined us from New York to discuss the topic of Embracing Tenderness. 

I was so inspired by Dara’s insights and the work she is doing. My big takeaway from our conversation is about how we become whole when we embrace our softness, and when we become whole, we become strong. Dara manages to get this message across so eloquently. 

I hope you give yourself the opportunity to tune into the short (5min) practice that Dara leads at around 28m in this recording. I found this extremely grounding and enlightening. 

“Die more. Learn how to kill your ego more. Continue to enter into your suffering more. All of that is tenderising work and, as you do that, you actually become much stronger.”

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