Episode 11: Self-Doubt: The Hallmark of Authenticity

During my solo episode this week, I took the opportunity of reviewing the first two months of The Doubters as well as exploring the topic of Self-Doubt: The Hallmark of Authenticity

What does it mean to you to be authentic?

We are drawn to people who are authentic and it’s a quality we particularly desire in leaders. When we know someone is being authentic, it helps us to trust them.

But to be authentic simply means being in truth, or being true to your own values.

In this context narcissistic leaders are probably the most authentic, they believe in themselves and act in accordance with their values no matter the impact on others.

So I think we’re looking for something more than authenticity in our leaders.

The people who are drawn to this work around finding the purpose of self-doubt often find a struggle around authenticity.

Whilst they are driven to be authentic and find it almost impossible to pretend to be something they’re not,self-doubt is usually indicating parts of themselves which they’ve excluded.

So the work is in accepting these parts of self in order to be truly open and authentic in the world.

Why is self-doubt an essential component of authenticity? 

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