Episode 13: The Doubters with Amy Morrison

This week, I was joined by XPT Certified Coach and Mental Health Counselor Amy Morrison to discuss the topic Meeting Yourself with Compassion.

“Self-compassion is the process of being open to one’s personal failures, inadequacies, and suffering and responding to them with common humanity, mindfulness, and self-kindness.”

I love this definition of self-compassion that Amy brought along. It’s such an important topic when dealing with all the murky stuff that comes up when we work through self-doubt. 

Amy and I spoke about the automatic responses of the body that we experience in the face of self-doubt, how to get beyond judgement and extreme thinking, and how using compassion has been proved to be so much more productive in the long-run, over just pushing through and being hard on ourselves. 

As I listen back, my big takeaway from this conversation is how we can use any moment of discomfort as an opportunity to meet ourselves with compassion. Amy also gives some fantastic, practical tools that we can use to develop awareness of our nervous system and prepare ourselves physically to create more resilience in preparation for those moments of discomfort. 

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