Episode 27: The Doubters with Syd Siyadat

This week I returned from my two-week break with a thought-provoking and inspiring conversation on THE ART OF MINDFUL LEADERSHIP with Syd Siyadat.

You will hear about our contrasting journeys into the practice of mindfulness; Syd says the day before he started meditating was the last day he didn’t meditate. He was able to commit to a lifelong practice after his introduction, while it took me around 15-years of attempts before I committed to a daily practice 4-years ago.

Syd explains so well how mindfulness works in leadership. Through exercising the power of awareness, we are able to choose our responses and create a better quality of experience. 

This conversation is hugely significant for me. I think if I had been able to understand mindfulness in the way Syd talks about it here, I would have found it much easier to commit to that practice. And I truly believe that everything I am doing today has been borne out of my meditation practice. I would also say that this is a fundamental skill in being able to master the purpose of self-doubt. 

“Awareness is the most powerful and fundamental gift of our lives. We take it for granted but without awareness, we don’t have a life.” 

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