The Doubters Live, 5th March 2020

This week, in the inaugural live sessions for The Doubters, I spoke about the origins of this project and how I came to explore this question around ‘The Purpose of Self-Doubt’, which came about at a time when I was in-between jobs and desperately looking for work.

Here’s a brief overview:

3m: I speak about the time in my life where I experienced the worst case of self-doubt, which motivated this project.
6m 30s: My decision to trust that everything was going to work out, including reading from the book and the inexplicable experience on the anniversary of my brother’s death, which brought me some much-needed comfort.
15m: What is the purpose of self-doubt? What I’ve learned so far.
20m: My feedback on the community contributions from Irfan and Joy
36m 40s: Podcast of the week – The How To Academy with Neil De Grasse Tyson – On learning, curiosity, and basking in ignorance!


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