Your Personal Adventure with Self-Doubt

75 minute introductory coaching session for new clients

Welcoming self-doubt in your life is the start of a great adventure!

You’re probably wondering what, exactly, that means. How would your life be different if you could create a powerful relationship with self-doubt?

Don’t be surprised if you feel some trepidation about that idea. Self-doubt often exhausts us. It feels like a frustrating, never-ending battle. Whenever we overcome it in one area of our lives, it rears its ugly head somewhere else.

I understand those feelings. That was my experience, too, for many years. Until I decided to take a different approach and welcome self-doubt into my life. That decision was transformational. Self-doubt has surprisingly led me to a more compassionate experience with life. It’s even been a deeply satisfying path to creativity.

I’m passionate about this work. It’s why I’m a coach: I want you to have this meaningful experience, too.

Open the door to self-doubt

Clarity and Direction

Let self-doubt guide you towards what's important in your life


Welcoming and including the excluded parts of yourself


A limitless source of inspiration and direction coming from a place of deep knowing

Self-doubt is a window to your soul

Self-doubt directs you towards something that you want

And that thing is vitally important to you. We simply do not entertain the discomfort of self-doubt for things that are meaningless or trivial. 

Perhaps you feel like self-doubt is preventing you from speaking up at work. Well, this feeling is teaching you something about yourself: you want to be able to speak up at work. 

If speaking up at work wasn’t important to you, you would have let it go a long time ago. It wouldn’t be troubling you. You wouldn’t feel stuck.

The very fact that you are experiencing self-doubt about speaking up at work indicates that this is something important for you. 

Self-doubt magnifies those areas of yourself that YOU believe are not enough

Perhaps the matter of speaking up at work is connected to an old belief that what you’ve got to say doesn’t matter. That nobody will listen to you anyway.


These kinds of beliefs are usually historic and often difficult to locate. The beauty of working with self-doubt is that it gets to the heart of the matter quickly. When we welcome its presence, it takes us directly to the root of these core beliefs. 

This is how self-doubt sets the intention for our work 

We will identify what’s important to you. We’ll explore what that tells us about you and your beliefs. And we’ll challenge the old belief(s) that are holding you back.

When I slow down

Go within, tune in
With the rhythm of my being
The flows of breath
The guiding knock of
My heartbeat reveals
The wisdom whisper
With which it speaks

My sessions combine coaching questions with the Integrative Restoration (iRest ®) co-meditation technique. 

Co-meditation is an essential feature of my approach. By delicately tuning in with the contractions and expansions in your nervous system, we are able to connect with the wisdom inherent in your body and understand how it is guiding you. 

We let your body take the lead throughout the session.

What happens in a session?

Before your session

You will identify an area where self-doubt is showing up in your life and share that with me. 

NB: you don’t need to overthink this! Keep it simple, choose an area and we will explore this fully when we meet.

During your session

It’s important for you to keep in mind that the power of this work is not about achieving the thing that you want. Rather, it’s about learning to meet yourself in a different way as you navigate that space between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s about updating the limiting beliefs holding you back and integrating the abandoned parts of yourself.

Some clients like to record the session so they can reflect back upon the experience. I welcome and encourage this practice if it’s of interest to you.

After your session

My aim is to leave each session in a resolved place. However, due to the nature and depth of this work, that is not always possible. I’ve learned that trying to force a solution only creates more stuckness. 

Sometimes, therefore, it’s necessary to end the session in an unresolved place. I always invite you to check in between sessions, and I can recommend many resources if you feel like you need more support. 

After this initial session, follow-up sessions are available as and when you feel the need. These sessions are 50 minutes each and priced at £90 per session. 

Are you ready to begin your adventure?

I truly believe that everything you want is already within you, including the courage to face the challenge ahead and the power to get to wherever you want to be.

I’m excited to support you through this self-doubt exploration so that you can realise your potential and walk boldly into your next adventure.