When Does Self-Doubt Become the Imposter Syndrome?

And the Tremendous Opportunity of Not Belonging The relationship between self-doubt and the Imposter Syndrome is something I’ve been asked about a number of times. People seem curious about whether it is the same thing, or whether there is a line when self-doubting can turn into the Impostor Syndrome. As a life coach who has…


What is Self-Doubt?

When I made it my mission to find the purpose of self-doubt, I realised I was first of all going to have to understand precisely what self-doubt is. In the community of negative experiences, self-doubt has been particularly marginalised. For grief, we have a process to work through. Frustration and disappointment can motivate action. And depression has…


How to Make Peace with Self-Doubt

Are you tired of battling with self-doubt?  Have you found the mindset of 'boundless postivity' to be a relentless pursuit and an unachievable aim? If so, I want to tell you there's another way. You don't have to battle any longer; you can use self-doubt to make peace with yourself instead. Your attempts to crush…

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