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Episode 14: The Doubters with Teresa Wilson

This week I was joined by a guest who has a very special place in my heart to discuss this topic: The Creative Act of Life! Teresa Wilson is a 'life coach for the curious' and co-author of Seven Creative Gremlins (write your way through doubt and fear to claim your creative life).  Teresa and I met on our…


Episode 13: The Doubters with Amy Morrison

This week, I was joined by XPT Certified Coach and Mental Health Counselor Amy Morrison to discuss the topic Meeting Yourself with Compassion. "Self-compassion is the process of being open to one's personal failures, inadequacies, and suffering and responding to them with common humanity, mindfulness, and self-kindness." I love this definition of self-compassion that Amy brought along. It's…

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Episode 12: The Doubters with Jason Gots

It was my great pleasure to invite Jason Gots this week for a conversation about (but not limited to) Self-Doubt and Creativity. Jason was the host of my first and favorite podcast 'Think Again' for five years and has recently launched his new show, Clever Creature. Having listened to his work for 5 years, I…


Episode 11: Self-Doubt: The Hallmark of Authenticity

During my solo episode this week, I took the opportunity of reviewing the first two months of The Doubters as well as exploring the topic of Self-Doubt: The Hallmark of Authenticity.  What does it mean to you to be authentic? We are drawn to people who are authentic and it's a quality we particularly desire in…


Episode 10: The Doubters with Dara Blumenthal

This week, in the last of my three-part series on The Strength of Weakness, Dara Blumenthal joined us from New York to discuss the topic of Embracing Tenderness.  I was so inspired by Dara's insights and the work she is doing. My big takeaway from our conversation is about how we become whole when we embrace our softness, and when…


Episode 9: The Doubters with Chris Steely

This week, as the second of my three-part series on The Strength of Weakness, I spoke to Chris Steely about his Lessons from The Shadow.  Chris has embraced a life of challenge, from serving as an officer in the US Marine Corps to travelling with Tony Robbins as one of his top international business consultants.  I have learned that…


Episode 8: The Doubters with Paul Collins

This week was the beginning of a three-part series on The Strength of Weakness. I knew my conversation with Paul was going to get vulnerable because I've done so much deep work with him over the past five years. So, in order to ensure I wasn't filtering, I gave myself permission not to publish the…


Episode 7: The Doubters with Michael Leckie

It was my great pleasure to chat with my friend and mentor Michael Leckie this week on The Doubters Live on the topic of The Know-Nothing Leader. Michael brings a wealth of expertise in leading digital transformation and culture change on a global scale. He talked to me about how he is driven by his…


Episode 6: The Doubters with Kevin Alban

I was joined by my friend Kevin on this week's live session to discuss this topic; "Belief is not The Antidote to Doubt". Father Kevin Alban is the Provincial Superior for the order of Carmelites in Great Britain. He also teaches Church history at Oxford University and gives regular community talks as well as a…


Episode 5: The Doubters with Jenny Blake

This week's session was an important landmark for me. I have been following Jenny Blake's work for some time and she has been a huge inspiration to me. It was a big deal for me to invite her as my first guest on The Doubters. And with her comments like this one, she didn't disappoint!  "We’re…

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